David Campion

Photo 1 Jon Vincent/VANDOCUMENT, 2-13 courtesy of artist


Mannequin, backlit inkjet print
24″ x 44″

In the backcountry near my home, gun enthusiasts blast away at every day objects set up for target practice. Intrigued by the beauty and brutality of the resulting readymades, I began ransacking these informal shooting galleries and collecting the bullet-ridden objects, bringing them home to examine in the studio with camera and lights. In an increasingly weaponized society, this taxonomy of targets considers the movement of firepower out of the military domain and into the domestic sphere.

Curator: Brian Howell


Coming of age in apartheid South Africa gave David Campion a distrust of dominant social mythologies. His art wrestles with power and its repercussions. His work appears regularly in books and galleries. He lives in the Fraser Valley with writer Sandra Shields and their young son in a trailer park on the Leq’á:mel First Nation reserve.