Elisa Ferrari

Photos 1-5 Jon Vincent/VANDOCUMENT, 6 Paul Wong

My New Song

Installation with music, shortwave radio, vitrine with objects, locks

Mel rented several lockers at Alderbridge Mini-Storage for over twenty years. He died in 2013. This installation activates a small fragment from his collection of obsessive writings, notes, diagrams, objects and items that survived the court ordered disposal of all his lockers by the City of Vancouver.
From one salvaged piece of Mel’s writing Elisa and 13 invited artists composed different song versions of the same lyrics. Song interpretations: Jeremy Todd & Kate Henderson, John Brennan, Sharon Bradley, Brady Marks, Kristen Roos, Ari & Emma Hendrix, Ross Birdwise & Dave Chokroun & Chris Albanese, Fredrick Cummings, Kevin Doherty.
These songs were broadcast over shortwave radio. This work was installed in one of Mel’s former lockers. The installation included a vitrine filled with a small collection of Mel’s wrapped objects, unopened writings and drawings.
Lyrics and artifacts: Mel

Curator: Paul Wong


Elisa Ferrari is a Vancouver based artist. In her work she combines audio-visual-and text-fragments to examine the aporias that exist between past experience and present depiction, memory and narrative. Her work has been shown in galleries and festivals in Europe and Canada: Your Kontinent Media Arts Festival (CA), NOPX Gallery (IT), NFF12 (CA), Charles Scott Gallery (CA), Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa (IT), Moderna Galerija Ljubljana (SL).

Ferrari curated Noxious Sector