Evann Siebens

Photos 1 & 2 Jon Vincent/VANDOCUMENT, 3 & 4 Paul Wong


Video installation with C-print photos

Vancouver is crumbling. Or perhaps it‘s being methodically taken apart brick by brick. Whether for reasons of density, seismic upgrade or simply escalating value, houses, schools, movie theatres and other historic buildings are being demolished to make way for the new. The bulldozers hesitate and meander before digging in, creating a dance, a conversation between static structure and the movement of change.

Curator: Paul Wong


Evann Siebens makes media about movement. She has exhibited her short films and media installations at galleries such as Eyebeam and Centre Pompidou, while her documentaries have been screened at MOMA and on PBS. A former dancer with the National Ballet of Canada and Bonn Ballet, Evann graduated from New York University. Now based in Vancouver, Evann co-curated CONTAINR during the 2010 Olympics. She has participated in residencies at the Banff Centre and ACME/UK with KEITH DOYLE. Recent exhibitions include MediaArtLab/Urban Screen, Russia; Winsor Gallery, Wil Aballe Art Projects, ONMAIN and Gallery 295, Vancouver. Evann just closed an solo exhibit of Chromatic Revelry at dc3 Art Projects, Edmonton. She recently won the ID/Identities Istanbul Best Video Prize.