Noxious Sector

Photos 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 & 8 Jon Vincent/VANDOCUMENT, 4 & 5 Paul Wong

Nightmare Inductions

Nightmares-inductions_400NIGHTMARE INDUCTIONS is an interactive installation that uses brain wave entraining sound and video, to guide participant through a shared trance induction experience. Each experience focuses on a common nightmare theme: dreams of falling, dreams of forgetting and dreams of having one’s teeth fall out. Included in each installation are artworks by Noxious Sector, and imagery created by collaborators in response to the experiences. These are offered as aids to willing participants, as well as further meditations on each theme.

Nightmare Inductions is intended to challenge the imaginative willingness of the audience while exploring the creative possibilities for induction-based artworks. We think of induction as a second-order thought experiment—not simply an idea contemplated passively in one’s own mind, but an experience implanted by visualization and self-hypnosis techniques. This series of artworks is also an opportunity for audiences to gain a broader general understanding of the capacities and vulnerabilities of the human mind.

Curator: Elisa Ferrari


NOXIOUS SECTOR is an ongoing collaboration among Canadian artists Jackson 2bears, Ted Hiebert, and Doug Jarvis. Their projects are dedicated to the exploration of questions of the imaginative, the paranormal, and the absurd. Their work attempts to redefine the meaning of artistic possibility through extended propositions that challenge consensual norms while provoking stimulating forums for dialogue and discourse. Their particular focus is on challenging the boundaries between the imaginary and the everyday, and building from stories of strange science and the paranormal from which to wonder about the creative possibilities of speculative living.