Photos 1, 2, 4 & 9 Jon Vincent/VANDOCUMENT 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 10 courtesy of artists


Interactive video and sound installation

A lonely darkened storage unit is transformed by a magic lantern into a shadow box showroom. PoSSeSSiONz is a temporal memory-scape of embodied voyeurism via an interactive video and sound installation. With glimpses and echoes, the narrative associated with hoarded stuff is accompanied with gesture controlled synthesizer sounds and an urban soundscape.

Artists: LocoMotoArt Collective (Laura Lee Coles, David Leith, Rob Scharein)
Curator: Wynne Palmer


David Leith

David Leith is a Vancouver visual artist and sound artist/musician. His work has been exhibited and published internationally for over 40 years. He has been published in Computer Artist and Vancouver Review. Recently his experimental video Tempographs have been shown in North America, Europe and Asia through the Upgrade! network and gallery shows.

David Leith has a background in music composition and performance. Current he is developing custom Max/MSP/Jitter software for both audio compositions and mult-media installations. One of his current obsessions is to complete a large SDIY modular synthesizer. Recent performances include: Patterns (LocoMotoArt, 2014), Thru The Trap Door (On Main Gallery 2014 with LocoMotoArt), Queen Elizabeth Park (LocoMotoArt, 2013), Signal & Noise 2008, New Music BC ‘s Mixtophonic series in Vancouver and the Woodstockhausen Festival for Esoteric Music in Santa Cruz California.


Laura Lee Coles

Laura Lee Coles is an arts-based researcher, published author and practicing interdisciplinary artist, working in performance art, music, installation [both gallery and site-specfic] photography and video. Lee’s interest in the interconnected relationships between human, technology and Nature, drives the inspiration of her interactive, contemplative and site specific video installation practice.  Laura Lee’s photography has been shown in Canada, United States and is in private collections.  She holds a Master of Arts from Simon Fraser University from SIAT, the School of Interactive Arts and Technology and is the founder of LocoMotoArt.


Rob Scharein

As a former Astrophysicist, Rob is keenly interested in the interplay between Science and Art. He is a developer of high performance graphics software that draws from the beauty of Nature to create engaging interactive art pieces. Rob has a PhD in Computer Science from UBC.