Residents of Hammock Residency

Photos Jon Vincent/VANDOCUMENT

Cleaner, Cleanser, Clearer

Performance (20 minutes)

Cleaner, Cleanser, Clearer is a performative ritual that borrows actions akin from the concept of a dérive. Residents of the Hammock Residency will attempt to clean, cleanse and clear unwanted vibrations from the basement to allow and invite good vibes to come in by means of metaphysical gestures.

Artists: Annah Tierney Mackay, Chance Stewart, Heidi Nagtegaal, Justin DeVries & Patrick Cruz
Curator: Tommy Chain


Dear Reader,

I started Hammock Residency as a means to serve the community I loved so much. I was given arts residencies, exhibitions, connections, and meaningful conversations, in the unlikeliest of places.

I wanted to carry on this tradition, where everything starts and ends as a conversation, a bundle of time bound up by words, moments, and somehow navigating through time.

I don’t know about you, but nothing happens at the “things”. It’s all happening in the spaces. It’s always the space between the spaces, between the spaces, even.

Hammock Residency is not perfect, but it is precious. And we all tend it together. It started out as “Heidi’s Project” but it quickly became a decentralized network of heartstrings. It still is “Heidi’s Project” in a way, because I tend it so much, but it’s not “mine” anymore, because without you, it wouldn’t be happening.

When you go on the fb page for Hammock, it’s shared by everyone, so anyone who’s been in residency can post to the page. Instead of what was happening – me, seeing things from hammock alum and reposting them – it’s more direct. I can be a node, but I am not the sum of the parts. I do hold an ecosystem to have an experience in, but then again, everyone does.

Heidi Nagtegaal
September 22, 2014