Vjeko Sager

Photos 1 & 5 courtesy of artist, 2 SD Holman, 3, 4 & 6 Paul Wong

Underground Kontinent

Drawing-immersive installation, charcoal on paper
344 square feet

Inspired by the rising tide of online gaming and internet addition, the Virtual Kontinent Underground seeks to create the sensation of a multidimensional space within a black box. By plastering the walls and floor with 2-dimensional charcoal drawings of ā€œimpossible spaces,ā€ artist Vjeko Sager transforms boundaries into portals, and simulates our seamless ā€“ yet often jarring and disjointed movement ā€“ through the virtual spaces of the internet.

Curator: Lynn Chen


Vjeko Sager is an artist, educator and curator, awarded, exhibited and represented in public and private collections in Canada, Japan, Hungary, Italy, USA and former Yugoslavia. He received a Masters Degree in Applied Arts from the University of Arts in Belgrade and was appointed a Associate Professor in Painting Techniques at the Faculty of Applied Arts & Design in Belgrade. Vjeko participated at numerous art events in Europe and in 1994 he moved to Vancouver. His recent works are exhibited at 35 international and local exhibitions and represented in the Slide Registry at the Drawing Center in New York. He curated the exhibition “Art in Exile” for Artropolis 2003 (visited by 10,000 people) and lectured at the UBC Grand Rounds, SFU Philosopher’s Cafe and participated at many local art events.